Admission Regulations

“Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future”

The school is open for admission to both boys and girls irrespective of caste, creed or social status.

The Management reserves to itself the right of admission.

A child who has not attained the age of 6 years will not be admitted to class I. Admission to higher or lower classes will be governed by this rule.

Registration for L.K.G. is done in the month of December & January. The minimum age for admission to L.K.G. is 3 years and 3 months on March 31st. The school sets a maximum age for each standard

Every New Pupil Must Bring: 
a) Leaving Certificate from a recognized school.
b) The original Municipal birth certificate, in the case of Non- Christians and a baptismal certificate in the case of Christians or Notified Area Certificate, if the child has not attended school before.

Pupils applying for admission are as a rule subject to an entrance examination held at the beginning of the academic year. They must bring their pen, pencils but no special book is required. They will be tested for the standard below the one to which they seek admission.

A candidate who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a leaving certificate from the school last attended. If he/she comes from a school outside the state of Madhya Pradesh the Educational Officer or the place in which the school is situated should countersign the Leaving Certificate.

School Leaving Certificate will be given to those who have settled all their dues. Application for leaving Certificate should be made in writing by the parent. A fee of Rs. 50/- is charged for issuing a school Leaving Certificate of the date of birth or for any extract from the school General Register.