Principal's Message

Rev. Fr. Jolichan P J

For us at Little Flower School, it is a constant endeavour to provide the best quality education.

“You can teach student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he/she will continue the learning process as long as he/she lives”.

Down the ages our concept of education has undergone a gradual metamorphosis. Yet the intrinsic values and principles have generally remained unchanged. Education isn’t how much you know. It’s the empowerment that differentiates between what you know and what you don’t. It is with this vision that Little Flower School, Indore has forged ahead with a mission to hone and integrate the personality of all students under its fold. The curriculum is the focus of our attention, and we work hard to ensure that is age-appropriate (not only in content but also in its sequence), that it is student sensitive and it is meaningful (an approach that is multi disciplinary and hands-on). It includes field trips, excursions, life-skill programs, and a variety of activities. The curriculum is developing confidence in the parent and the student.

Our supportive and nourishing environment values each student as an individual. We enable our students to develop all attributes and skills for lifelong learning, initiative and excellence, confidence and self esteem, discipline and dedication, integrity and honesty and creativity with imagination. To support our efforts, parents can play a very important role. The school’s goals are aligned with that of parents’ best interest of the child. For this it is useful that parents lend their cooperation and understanding to the school. The child’s education is an investment for his/her future. Keeping this in mind we have introduced E-Care facility in the school as we believe that in the fastest and better communication. We strongly believe that involvement of parents in child’s progress and development is very important and for that parents need to demonstrate trust and respect for the school, its staff and its matters. The more positive the school – parent relationship, the more secure a child will feel.

There are a number of opportunities for interaction. Please participate in the school access days and PTSM. Encourage your child to participate in all school activities and complete home assignments sincerely. Communicate with the teacher for any concerns you have regarding progress. Read the school diary carefully, it will help you to understand the policies and procedures of the School. Fill out the information accurately for it will help us to help your child. It will always be my priority that the quality of education maintains the highest standards in our school, and am sure I can count on your support at all times.

God Bless you !

Warmest regards,

Principal, LFS, Indore.